How To Replace A Bathroom Faucet And Drain

How To Replace A Bathroom Faucet And Drain

Bathroom faucets are certainly not only for functionality any longer. Of course, function is actually the original concern when purchasing a faucet, but today there are plenty of styles and finishes to select from it is a normal smorgasbord. When choosing a bathroom faucet, do not choose the bottom of the model to save a couple of bucks. The valves are an essential element of a faucet and choosing solid brass or maybe brass base metallic valves could save you leaks and aggravation. A lot of today's faucet also feature waterless valves. Those with ceramic disc or maybe the cartridge models are much less prone to leaking and can last longer. If you look at style for your bathroom faucet, you should also coordinate with your bathtub and shower fixtures to get a thorough and coordinating look in your bathroom.

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How To Replace A Bathroom Faucet And Drain


This is BY FAR the best tutorial on how to replace a faucet. Very detailed and shows you every

Compression faucets utilize washers as well as compression to shut off the flow of water. These faucets have been around for a quite a while, most of us have tried them, and they are now obtainable and often with the least expensive versions. Compression faucets have both a cold and hot handle to regulate water pressure and temperature and require tightening the handles to close off the flow of water. Inside the handles is actually an assembly with a washer on the tail end of a screw. Whenever you tighten up the handle of the bathroom faucet it creates strain on the washer over an opening and prevents the flow of water. These faucets have a long history of needing regular upkeep, typically replacing washers. Ball faucets which are common in each bath and kitchen, have a single handle to control the flow of water, and the temperature too. This faucet type was the first person to be washerless.

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