What To Pack For A Cruise Vacation

So you are all set for your first cruise and starting to worry about what you will need, or maybe you are a seasoned voyager just looking for some tips.

Either way let me take you through a comprehensive list of all the things you should need on a cruise – and a couple of things that you should not take on board.

Let’s start with the essentials – clothing! How much do you really need?

What Clothes To Pack For A Cruise

Clothing is a necessity, but the truth is that you probably do not need to take as much as you think.

The majority of travelers are ‘over packers’ which sees them lugging huge suitcases and foregoing a lot of things they would love to take because they have to pack their whole wardrobe – ‘just in case’.

Let Look At The Essentials:

Let’s say you just picked yourself a fantastic summer 2011 cruise deal, how much of each item will you need? Well it depends on the length of your voyage but let’s break it down.

Day Clothes

This is where most people over pack. They don’t know what they will feel like wearing so they pack everything. Pick a couple of shorts/pants/skirts and a few extra tops/shirts (because we all know they get dirty quicker), and make sure they all go together.

This gives you a much larger selection of outfits than have a lot of clothes that only go with one or two other items.

Swimwear is a big on here, make sure you both have your swimwear because even if you don’t feel like you will hop in the water it is usually so inviting that you will change your mind.

MAIN POINT: Make sure your clothes all work together!

Evening Wear

Now you will be eating in the dinning halls and most cruises have at least one or two dinners where the dress code is formal. So pack your favorite suit or dress (two at the max).

MAIN POINT: Don’t pack every formal piece of clothing you own.


You only need a maximum of three pairs of footwear each. Sandles/Flip Flops, Casual Shoes and Dress Shoes. Any extras are just taking up room in your suit case.

MAIN POINT: Once again, just make sure your shoes match all your outfits.


This is a big one for the girls. There is no need for a large selection of handbags and clutches. Find a black or tan one that goes with everything and just take it. It will give you a lot more room in your suitcase.

Most cruises have self-service laundries and a laundry service for a fee. So there is no need to over pack.

What Other Items Will I Need?

There are always to miscellaneous items that always seem to get forgotten. So let me see if I can help you remember.

If you have to take daily medication, then you should definitely take that on board with you.

Travel Documentation
If you are traveling into another country or territory then make sure you have your passports, and in all cases make sure you have all the required travel documentation.

So whether you are on a Red Sea cruise or cruising the Antarctic, if you organize things properly you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything and you can focus on just enjoying your time away.

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