Tips for Having a Comfortable Flight

Most people have a love hate relationship with flying, especially if flying economy is the only option. Most people love traveling especially if the are going on holiday or to visit loved ones. To make your flying experience more comfortable, I have compiled the following tips.

If you are tall and need extra leg room, ask to be seated near the emergency exit, as these seats to have more space. In the event of a crash however, you may be asked to help out. If the plane isn’t full, when you are in the air and after the seat belt warning has been taken off, move to the back of the plane and you might be able to get a whole row of seats.

During take off and landing you cannot use any electronic devices. I like to have a novel or magazine with me, to help pass the time. In the event of a delay you won’t have to feel bored during these times. Make sure you turn off your mobile phone. Or if you use modern smart phone you still can use it after switch it in flight mode.

Try to get an aisle seat. This makes it easy to get up and move around the cabin as you please and you don’t have to disturb other passengers. Wear comfortable lose and clothes when you are flying. I really can’t understand people who seem to get all dressed up when they fly.

If food is part of the flight service, request a vegetarian or kosher meal, as it will need to be made fresh and you usually get it served to you before anyone else.

Take an ipod or or laptop with you on the plan. Fill it up with movies you can watch. It’s a great way to pass the time.

Get up and walk around on the flight from time to time to give your legs a stretch. You might even find someone interesting to talk to!

Finally, treat airline staff with respect and they will usually treat you well in return. I am not sure why some people try to make flight attendants lives difficult. If you cause any serious trouble on the plane, you can be arrested when you arrive at your destination.

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