Things to Do During Long Airport Layovers

Just because you purchased a last minute flight doesn’t mean you will arrive at your destination on time. With more and more flights chronically late due to weather delays or long lines at the security check point, a layover is not a surprising event anymore. As passengers cross their arms annoyed, in reality there is not much that can be done or complained about, especially when the layover is weather related or due to a mechanical issue with the aircraft.

In any case, getting grumpy will not do any good, especially when the delay is for safety’s sake. A positive attitude may work wonders and getting creative in finding something to do may turn a layover into an interesting experience. Also, happy go lucky individuals will notice that the layover will appear shorter and less dramatic than the person beside them constantly staring at the flight board.

So what can you do if you have a long lay over and need to kill time at the terminal? The opportunities are endless….


Women will certainly enjoy this great pass time. Even though prices at the airport may be inflated, the joy of looking around in stores is like candy for the eyes. Not to mention the possibility of Duty Free Shopping for those international travelers. Airport stores have a pretty unique appeal, they are elegant and offer the possibility of doing some last minute shopping before boarding your flight. Now is the time to purchase that best seller or favorite magazines to bring along the flight.


If you did purchase that best seller of some copies of your favorite magazines, find a quite spot and do some good reading. It can be surprising how busy airports have some secluded spots offering some peace and comfort. Should you find concentrating on reading a book too distracting in an airport environment, purchase some magazines to be looked out. There are great magazine about Art, traveling or home remodeling that offer great pictures to look at.


Getting hungry? Thankfully airports are well prepared for layovers and offer many different opportunities to celebrate your taste buds. Most airports offer numerous fast-food outlets, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours that will keep you occupied. Pick up a newspaper and relax sipping on your favorite coffee or indulge in some great pastries. Or if you are really hungry take advantage and enjoy a full meal.


You can meet some very interesting individuals at the airport. Starting a conversation may be quite easy too! The layover itself make a great conversation starter. Then easily follows questions such as “Where are you going to” or “Where are you from?” and from there you may end up talking about your careers, families and so on.


If you find people interesting but are not much fond of starting a conversation you may simply sit down and watch the world flow by. This can be very relaxing, almost like watching fish in an aquarium! You do not need to stare, just casually look around and let your thought flow. You may find yourself thinking about where these people are going, guessing what country they come from and imagine their jobs and lifestyles. Watching people in a busy airport can be an intriguing pass time indeed!


If you get bored by looking at people or simply are not in the mood, look for a strategic seat where you can watch airplanes take off and land. You will see different types of air crafts, different models and sizes. You will also notice how many minutes or seconds pass in between one take off and another. If you like airplanes this is a nice way to pass time, and if you have children with you, they will surely be fascinated as well!

– Calling

If you look around you, you will notice that layovers cause many people to talk on their cell phones. They may be simply alerting their family and friends that they are going to be late but you will notice that in most cases their phone calls can be pretty long. Talking on the phone (if your plan is not too costly) can be a great way to let those minutes or hours ticking, and in the meanwhile you may call that friend you have not heard for some time or a loved one that like to chit-chat.

As seen there are several ways to get those minutes ticking by during a layover. There are also several others and you can get ideas by watching what the passengers are doing. Whichever, you decide to do, once you flight itinerary is resumed you will feel much more happier and refreshed than that grumpy passengers still seated where you left him staring at the flight board with smoke coming out of his ears!

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