Travel Tip: Stay at Airport Hotels

Most people want to stay in a downtown hotel when they visit a big city because everyone wants the convenience of being able to walk to their destinations, whether that’s the shopping district, the theater district, the museums,the clubs and so forth. But you have to pay a lot of money for that convenience. It’s… Read More »

Planning Summer Vacation For Your Family

Summer vacations seem to be on the mind of everyone not in the United States of America alone but worldwide, they come with lots of fun fare and activities and lots of money and planning are often involved. When summer vacations are planned properly, not only will the costs be reduced but great bargains will… Read More »

Plan A Road Trip

Let’s Hit The Road! One thing people ask me when they hear stories about my road trips is “how do you come up with good things to do on a road trip?” They tend to become even more intrigued in that I neither own a car nor drive, but tend to do the bulk of… Read More »

Road Trips in the USA

The Great American Landscape National Parks, big cities, famous museums, quaint towns, winding rivers, beautiful seaside vistas, mountaintop panoramas, unique wildlife, unique people…these are all things you would expect to see on a road trip in the US. Some of the sites you stumble across will be well known, and you’re sure to find some… Read More »

Travel Suit Bags

Whether you are a business man traveling for a convention or just an ordinary individual attending a wedding ceremony, carrying a reliable suit bag will ensure that your suit or wardrobe will be free of folds and creases. Suit garment bags are primarily designed to help travelers carry their formal suits and other wardrobes with… Read More »

How To Pack Light For A Trip

Travel With Just One Bag? “You’re kidding,” my friend Lani exclaimed when I told her that when we visit Puerto Rico, she’d have to travel with just one bag. “How I am possibly supposed to do this?” “I’ll pack for you,” I assured her, determined to show that there is a way to travel with… Read More »

How To Find Cheap Beach Umbrellas

Its summer time that gets our outdoor juices flowing and one of the first things we as humans need to know is how to find a good outdoor beach umbrella to take with us.The one thing that beach umbrellas do is take care of your skin. Skin care has become a very big issue with… Read More »

Vacation Tips: Keep Home Burglar-Free

Many of you will be leaving your home for at least a few days. You will be parking your cars in strange areas, and there may be some things you may not have considered. You know, you don’t have to dig moats to make your home your castle. Since burglars are generally unskilled amateurs (most… Read More »

How to Travel Long Term

If you love to travel (which I do), you can’t help but wishing that you could a) travel more often and b) travel for longer periods of time. In our 2-week-vacation society, lots of people dream about taking off 3 months, 6 months, a year, or even longer to see the world. If you’ve never… Read More »

Backpacking Essentials – What to Pack

Obviously, the name of the game when backpacking or budget traveling is to pack light. There are lots of great resources to help you figure out what to take and what to leave at home. This article is specifically about those backpacking essentials that are going to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. A… Read More »