How to Pick a Good Piece of Luggage

Perhaps one of the most fundamental practices for travelers planning a trip is choosing their luggage wisely. There are so many styles and options available in department stores that may easily overwhelm even the most seasoned travelers often leaving their heads spinning. As overwhelming as the choice may feel, if the luggage selection process is done critically while keeping some important considerations in mind, the best choices will easily stick out from the crowd.

Choosing the wrong type of luggage may easily turn the most paradisaic destinations into a nightmare. Just imagine a piece of luggage breaking apart midway, or discovering right before your departure date that your luggage does not have enough storage. There are many qualities travelers must look for when selecting the most appropriate luggage. Following are some tips to ensure you get what you are looking for.

What travelers should look for when buying luggage

Whether you are looking for carry on luggage to store in the over head bins or luggage to store in the airplane’s belly, these qualities are a must and apply to all types of luggage. Always consult with your airline company in advance to know exactly how much weight is allowed on your flight. This will avoid last minute surprises and hefty charges.

A good piece of luggage should last more than a season. Indeed, people who know how to invest in a piece of luggage wisely will likely tell you that their luggage has survived several trips throughout the years. Usually, you get what you paid for. If you can afford the most expensive pieces of luggage coming from reliable and well known luggage manufacturers, you may have a great investment in durability which may you save you money in the long run.

You want your luggage to be sturdy to effectively protect your enclosed fragile belongings. Everybody knows that luggage handlers have a reputation for tossing and mistreating luggage. Imagine your luggage being tossed, crushed and slammed with no mercy: do you think it will survive the treatment? A sturdy luggage is therefore a must if you want it to protect your belongings, however this type of luggage may turn out being heavier than lighter types of luggage.

When shopping for light, soft luggage check the denier of the fabric. This is a method of calculating the fineness of the yarn used to make the luggage.The higher the denier, the more durable and high quality the luggage. Two durable and high quality fabrics used to build luggage are Cordura nylon and slicker ballistic nylon.

Go to an airport and watch the stewards and captains as they head towards their departing flights, what do they all have in common? Their luggage has always wheels. Rolling luggage is a must for those packing on the heavier side which want to effortlessly walk through the terminals without relying on carts or airport luggage carrying services. You will feel thankful your luggage has wheels once you realize how much walking an airport terminal offers.

You are looking for a warranty that will cover damage to your luggage. The higher quality luggage are often accompanied by a warranty that often covers also accidental damage. You will be thankful a warranty will back up your purchase, especially if your piece of luggage is one on the most expensive side of the scale.

Other important observations is checking that the handles are strong in order to withhold being pulled and tossed and that the zippers are of heavy duty quality in order to withstand being opened and closed quite often. Another consideration is ensuring that your luggage is quite unique such as featuring a distinguishing color so that it will easily stick out from the airport carousel.

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