Cutting Cost of Travel

Cutting the cost of travel is not very hard; many things can be done to save money on traveling. Of course, you will not be living the lush life while traveling, but not many of us are used to that. However, even though you will be cutting costs you will not be traveling like a tramp either.

One of the best things that you can do to cut costs on travel is to plan ahead. By planning ahead, you can save up to 70% on your airfare. For example, American Airlines is asking for $534.00 to fly one-way from New York to Los Angeles if you book it one or two days ahead of time. If you book that same flight one week, in advance they are only asking you to pay $209.50 for a one-way ticket. International flights can be even more dramatic in savings. For example, British Airways wants $8,300 for a roundtrip ticket from Chicago to London if you book it at the last minute, whereas if you book the flight 30 days ahead of time you will only pay $2,800.

Hotels also have a similar pay scale. If you go into a hotel without making reservations ahead of time, you are going to pay their walk-in rate. If you take the time to book, the hotel room a few weeks in advance you can save over 50% on the room each night. For example, the New York Hilton asks for $230 a night for their walk-in rate, whereas if you

If you do plan on booking, your airfare and hotel rooms in advance you need to keep in mind that these savings do have a cost. Most of the good rates require full prepayment, if you change your plans you will be required to pay the full, walk-up rate, plus a pay a fee to change your plans. If you plan to book, your hotel and airfare ahead of time make sure you stick to it so that you can benefit from the savings.

You also need to look at your ground transportation to see where you can cut costs. If you are flying to your vacation spot, you should look into renting a car ahead of time. Renting a car is going to be cheaper than taking taxis or black cars to wherever you are going. You can also drive yourself to the airport or have a friend drive you to the airport so you can avoid the costs of taxis or shuttles.

Eating out is another big expense that people incur when traveling. To help cut costs in this area you should do some research before going on vacation so that you can avoid going to the most expensive restaurants. You can look in the local newspaper’s website can turn up a cool, new and affordable place that you might have missed. If you are going to a big city, you can also check out Zagat to find some affordable restaurants. The one place that the food hounds hang out at is Chowhound; here you can find excellent alternatives to the cities expensive joints. On the other hand, you can order from a local place and have it delivered to your hotel room, which is guaranteed to be better than the expensive room-service that the hotel offers.

Pay attention to all of the small stuff because the fees and surcharges can really begin to add up. Most airlines are now charging to check a bag, so by only bringing a carry-on you can eliminate that fee. Avoid the hotel mini-bars because they charge high prices for the goodies inside. Car rental firms also add on an extra $7.00 per gallon to fill up, so make sure you fill the tank before you get to the airport to return the car.

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