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Things to Do During Long Airport Layovers

Just because you purchased a last minute flight doesn’t mean you will arrive at your destination on time. With more and more flights chronically late due to weather delays or long lines at the security check point, a layover is not a surprising event anymore. As passengers cross their arms annoyed, in reality there is… Read More »

Cutting Cost of Travel

Cutting the cost of travel is not very hard; many things can be done to save money on traveling. Of course, you will not be living the lush life while traveling, but not many of us are used to that. However, even though you will be cutting costs you will not be traveling like a… Read More »

How to Pick a Good Piece of Luggage

Perhaps one of the most fundamental practices for travelers planning a trip is choosing their luggage wisely. There are so many styles and options available in department stores that may easily overwhelm even the most seasoned travelers often leaving their heads spinning. As overwhelming as the choice may feel, if the luggage selection process is… Read More »

How to Choose a Rental Car Company

Introduction Travel is something that is very important to everyone in our world today. There are many ways that we get around town every day and even a wider variety when we are on vacation or traveling. When people travel for vacation or for business or many other reasons they find that it is not… Read More »

Is Travel Insurance Really Worth It?

Anyone who has traveled has probably asked themselves the question of whether or not they really need travel insurance, and if it is worth the cost? The answer to that question is not an easy one. While we wish we could simply say “Yes” or “No” we can’t. Whether or not travel insurance is worth… Read More »

Road Trip Tips

Lessons Learned on the Road For six weeks this summer, my boyfriend and I took the trip of a lifetime — a cross-country road trip in our Mini Cooper S. When all was said and done, we visited 35 states in 41 days and drove over 10,000 miles. In the course of our journey, we… Read More »

Tips for Having a Comfortable Flight

Most people have a love hate relationship with flying, especially if flying economy is the only option. Most people love traveling especially if the are going on holiday or to visit loved ones. To make your flying experience more comfortable, I have compiled the following tips. If you are tall and need extra leg room,… Read More »

How to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

You love the excitement of going to new places but you hate the nagging jet lag that comes with it. Many travelers experience some form of jet lag when they travel and that can intervene with the quality of their business trip or vacation. If you travel across two or more time zones, the chances… Read More »

How Much Does It Cost To Go Traveling?

The Golden Question It’s the question on every wannabe traveler’s lips. How much does it cost to go traveling? It’s a simple enough question, but unfortunately there is no clear cut answer, as it depends on so many different variables. This guide aims to shed some light on some of the factors of cost to… Read More »

Budget Vacations: Money Saving Tips

Budget Vacations are About Preparation You love to travel but so much money seems to pour through a hole in your pocket that by the first day you can’t believe how much you have left. However for the price of one vacation package, you can put together a couple of budget vacations with a little… Read More »