Backpacking Essentials – What to Pack

Obviously, the name of the game when backpacking or budget traveling is to pack light. There are lots of great resources to help you figure out what to take and what to leave at home. This article is specifically about those backpacking essentials that are going to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. A… Read More »

Popular Worldwide Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is perhaps the best vacation most of us will ever have in our lives, and so it makes sense that when picking out the location couples generally choose a place that they have never been and always have wanted to go to. For many people, that tends to be an island paradise, such… Read More »

How To Pack Light For A Trip

Travel With Just One Bag? “You’re kidding,” my friend Lani exclaimed when I told her that when we visit Puerto Rico, she’d have to travel with just one bag. “How I am possibly supposed to do this?” “I’ll pack for you,” I assured her, determined to show that there is a way to travel with… Read More »

How to Get Over Jet Lag Quickly

You love the excitement of going to new places but you hate the nagging jet lag that comes with it. Many travelers experience some form of jet lag when they travel and that can intervene with the quality of their business trip or vacation. If you travel across two or more time zones, the chances… Read More »

Cruise Vacations Tips

Cruise vacations are one of the best ways to travel. You can get out and see the world with only unpacking your bags once. Your mode of transportation is as much of a part of the experience as the places that you are heading to. It is no wonder that cruise vacations have picked up… Read More »

How to Pick a Good Piece of Luggage

Perhaps one of the most fundamental practices for travelers planning a trip is choosing their luggage wisely. There are so many styles and options available in department stores that may easily overwhelm even the most seasoned travelers often leaving their heads spinning. As overwhelming as the choice may feel, if the luggage selection process is… Read More »

What To Pack For A Cruise Vacation

So you are all set for your first cruise and starting to worry about what you will need, or maybe you are a seasoned voyager just looking for some tips. Either way let me take you through a comprehensive list of all the things you should need on a cruise – and a couple of… Read More »

Budget Vacations: Money Saving Tips

Budget Vacations are About Preparation You love to travel but so much money seems to pour through a hole in your pocket that by the first day you can’t believe how much you have left. However for the price of one vacation package, you can put together a couple of budget vacations with a little… Read More »

Planning Summer Vacation For Your Family

Summer vacations seem to be on the mind of everyone not in the United States of America alone but worldwide, they come with lots of fun fare and activities and lots of money and planning are often involved. When summer vacations are planned properly, not only will the costs be reduced but great bargains will… Read More »

How To Move Your Pet To The UK

Until recently, the Brits were pretty famous for having ridiculous laws regarding pet importation. A 6 month quarantine was mandatory, even your pet never missed a rabies vaccine in his life. I won’t get into the physiology of why 6 months was such an utterly absurd timeframe – because it just boggles the mind. Fortunately,… Read More »